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DIY The Perfect No-Sew Pup Bandana

Every pup has their own special personality, so why not have it show in their style?! A DIY bandana is the perfect custom accessory to show a pop of color and personality on your pup. Whether you want your pupper to represent your favorite sports team, the next big holiday or simply a pattern that suits them – your DIY bandana is sure to be the paw-fect fit!

This DIY dog bandana has NO sewing required and slips onto your pup’s collar, so there’s no fuss for you and no fuss for Fido!


  • 14x14in fabric
  • Scissors
  • Iron
  • Hemming Tape


  1. Draw bandana outline on the inside side of the fabric. The outline should be a rectangle (recommended 10x5in) with a triangle (the bandana) on top.
  2. Cut out two identical pieces using your original outline.
  3. Use hemming tape to attach the two pieces and iron to create the bandana. Leave rectangle loose.
  4. Wrap rectangle around your dog’s collar, and seal with hemming tape.

That’s it! Enjoy your pup’s new style!