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5 Tips for Winter Pet Care

With the cold weather rolling in we must stay mindful of our pet’s winter care. There are many things we as pet owners can be proactive about in making sure our pets have a healthy, safe winter! Here are five winter tips recommended by the AKC expert advice page

  1. Protect the Paws:Always protect your pup’s paws! We wouldn’t go out in the snow barefoot so your pet shouldn’t either! Whether you choose boots or a paw balm, both are great ways to make sure your pup’s paws stay moisturized and protected through the tough winter months.
  2. Limit Unsupervised Time Outside:Know your climate! Dogs, like humans, are at risk of developing frost bite, so making sure you’re supervising your dog, or giving them the apparel needed to keep warm is important! If keeping your pup inside is not an option, be on the lookout for frost bite symptoms (blue or white skin is a big indicator your pup has frost bite).
  3. Bundle Up:Bundle up those pups! Even though our dogs have those nice built-in fur coats, most breeds will still need a sweater or coat when going into freezing or cold temperatures. Short haired and fine haired dogs can easily get cold when outside without an extra layer on them. 
  4. Beware of Hazards:With rain, sleet and snow come winter hazards pet parents may not consider. For example, antifreeze can be harmful to pups, so making sure you’re using pet-friendly salts and melting solutions is a must! Here is a full list of symptoms and facts to be on the lookout for this winter!
  5. Play Inside:No better way to spend a snow day than with your dog on the couch! Although many dogs cannot get enough of the snow, giving their paws a rest is best for their overall health and well-being. Interactive toys are a great way to keep Fido engaged and having fun even while watching the snow fall from inside.