The Pet Gazebo®

Indoor, Outdoor, On the GoTM


The PET GAZEBO® sets up and breaks down in minutes. Your dog will love it. Once built, the PET GAZEBO® provides a cozy resting space for even the biggest pets, simulating the den environment dogs are genetically predisposed towards. Humans will appreciate the drop down window for easy access to food and water dishes, or to give your buddy some head scratches for being such a good boy. The latching door will foil even the most advanced escape artists, keeping your pet safe and secure. Its attractive design complements your interior or exterior. The non-marring nylon connectors act as feet to protect your floors and carpets. When not in use, it stores in an extremely compact space, especially when paired with the available tote bag.

3 ft. Pet Gazebo®


Our 3’ PET GAZEBO® is the perfect indoor crate for pets up to 60 lbs! Can also be used Outdoors for small pets up to 20 lbs.

4 ft. Pet Gazebo®


Our 4’ PET GAZEBO® is the perfect indoor crate replacement for large pets up to 100 lbs! Use outdoors for medium pets up to 40 lbs.

5 ft. Pet Gazebo®


Our 5’ PET GAZEBO® is the perfect indoor crate replacement for extra-large pets up to 200 lbs! Outdoor up to 80 lbs.

8 ft. Pet Gazebo®


Our 8’ PET GAZEBO® is the perfect semi-permanent outdoor kennel for all pets up to 350 lbs! The perfect outdoor solution.