Frequently Asked Questions

Would this work for small dogs?

The Pet Gazebo comes in 4 sizes and is suitable indoors and outdoors. Pick the appropriate PET GAZEBO for your dog. Using your PET GAZEBO in­doors as a crate allows you to keep your pet feeling safe and secure in a den environment. Outdoors as an exercise pen or kennel your pet has room to stretch his legs and roam a little.

Gazebo Size Indoor Outdoor
3' Octagon X 3' Tall 60 lbs 20 lbs
4' Octagon X 4' Tall 100 lbs 40 lbs
5' Octagon X 5' Tall 200 lbs 80 lbs
8' Octagon X 8' Tall 200 lbs 200 lbs

Will this allow for secure containment for a full day while I’m at work?

Depending on the size of your dog, one of the Pet Gazebos will be large enough for your dog to have room to move around, sleep, eat, or whatever else they may need to do. You can also easily expand on your animal’s room by connecting more pet gazebos, creating just about any design you’d like.

Does it come with carrying case?

It does not come with a carrying case, however we do sell tote bags separately!

I am thinking of getting this for adoption events (I run a rescue). Is this easy to transport/take apart?

Extremely easy! We do offer free promotional Pet Gazebos for you through our Safe Shelter program. Simply get in touch with a local pet retailer (whether they offer the Pet Gazebo or not) and send them to this link.

Does the door swing in or out?

It goes both ways! That sounded kind of bad, but you know what I mean.

Could a small cat or kitten manage to escape this kennel? Looks like the door is a bit off the ground, giving these little escape artists a way out!

Obviously this would depend on how little your cat/kitten is. Cats have been known to defy the laws of physics, but the spacing from the bottom horizontal bar to the floor is only 2 inches and the space from the door to the frame is also only 2 inches, so it should be able to contain most animals that fall under the solid state of matter. Again, your cat might not fall under that category.

Can you add panels?

It is designed for its specific shape and the roof assembly as well, but you can add multiple Pet Gazebos together to make a larger contained area!

If I were to attach two together would I able to have the cover on both… I need the space as well as the shade.

You would use the cover included with each Pet Gazebo. Only the corridor between the two would be unshaded. A corridor cover is available.

It says a reversible cover is available. What color is the other side?

The white side is good for reflecting sun and heat, and the brown side is good for absorbing heat and light to warm your animal.


Pet Gazebo® Instruction Manual

Here you can download the complete instructions.