Fequently Asked Questions

Yes! The PET GAZEBO® comes in 4 sizes and is suitable indoors and outdoors.  Visit our website and pick the PET GAZEBO® that matches the specs for your dog. Using your PET GAZEBO® as a crate indoors allows you to keep your pet feeling safe and secure. Use your PET GAZEBO® outdoors as an exercise pen or kennel for those backyard barbeques. There’s plenty of room so your pet can stretch out and rest comfortably. 

Gazebo Size                 Indoor       Outdoor

3′ Octagon X 3′ Tall     60 lbs        20 lbs

4′ Octagon X 4′ Tall     100 lbs       40 lbs

5′ Octagon X 5′ Tall     200 lbs      80 lbs

8′ Octagon X 8′ Tall     350 lbs      350 lbs

Depending on the size of your dog, one of the PET GAZEBOS will be large enough for your dog to be more than comfortable in. The right PET GAZEBO® for you will allow your dog to stretch, move around, eat sleep, and anything else your dog needs.  You can also easily expand the space by attaching additional PET GAZEBOS.

Obviously this would depend on how little your cat/kitten is. Cats have been known to defy the laws of physics, but the spacing from the bottom horizontal bar to the floor is only 2 inches and the space from the door to the frame is also only 2 inches, so it should be able to contain most animals that fall under the solid state of matter. Again, your cat might not fall under that category.

The PET GAZEBO is designed for its octagonal shape. The roof frame and panel connectors only fit this specific design. However, you can attach another PET GAZEBO to increase the contained space.

You would use the cover included with each PET GAZEBO. The corridor between the two attached PET GAZEBOS would be uncovered. Corridor covers are available for purchase separately.

We are glad to hear from you if there are more questions!