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So, You’re Working from Home. Boredom Busters for Fido!

Well, 2020 had different plans for us humans…which might be impacting our pets more than we think! While we are sure they are SO happy to have their humans around more…are they a little more needy? On edge? Do they get the zoomies while you’re on Zoom? Well, we can relate with our personal pups, so we are excited to share some boredom-busting tips and tricks to navigating our new normals and work-from-home life! Check out our list below and share your tips and tricks with us too!

  1. Two words…Peanut. Butter. Yes, peanut butter can be your best friend for when you need to get a little extra work done, or just get through a meeting! Have a plastic toy with a few holes or nooks in it? Spread some peanut butter over it, in it, and tuck it away and keep your pup(s) occupied for at least 30 minutes! They will be so excited trying to get every last bit! Pro tip: freeze the toy with peanut butter in it when you know you have an busy morning or afternoon! This will take them a little extra time to nibble out!
  2. Water! If your pup is a water dog and the temperatures are still warm where you are, create a small water park for your dog! With a kiddie pool and a hose, you pup will be happy sun bathing right in the back yard or on the deck. Pro tip: add a Pet Gazebo into the mix for some shade and a cool spot for your pets to dry off and still enjoy being outside.
  3. Visit your local pet store! During 2020, it has become clear how important shopping local can be. By shopping at your local pet store for a boredom-busting toy, treat or chew, you’re not only helping out your work-at-home situation, but helping local workers and the local economy. Pro tip: find a retailer near you that carries the Pet Gazebo and it’s a double win! Head to our Store Locator on our website to find a store near you! Check it out here!