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It’s a great time to be a dog lover, people are now bringing their dogs EVERYWHERE! For dogs that love being outdoors, a camping trip is like heaven (and for camping lovers, the four-legged company is much appreciated). Aside from bringing your Pet Gazebo along for the trip, here are some tips for camping with your pup:

Leashes, always! Many campgrounds require dogs to stay on leashes, for the safety of your pup and others. Look into the rules of the campground before you arrive and bring an extra leash or two in case anything happens.

Keep Fido by your side. If you plan to leave the campsite for activities – plan for your pup to come along. Leaving your dog at the campsite is not safe for them and may disturb other campers if your dog is of the “vocal” variety.

Leave no trace! It should be common sense, but you should pack plenty of poo-bags on your camping trip. Not only is it courteous to other campers, but it helps to preserve the environment!

Mind your kibble. Wild animals might be enticed by the smells of your dog’s meals, teaching them where to go for an easy snack. It’s best to keep their kibble in your car between meals.


Happy Camping!