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Is Your Pup Prepared for Spring?

2020 is flying by, isn’t it?! Spring is just around the corner, and nothing welcomes the warmer weather quite like your fur-baby being able to run around the yard in the sun.

February is Responsible Pet Owners Month, and in honor of the occasion we’ve put together a list of ways you can ensure your pupper is set up for the happiest and healthiest springtime possible!

Update ID tags.Have you moved since last summer? Has your phone number changed? Before your

Flea and tick solution. Roaming around your yard poses some risk for fleas and ticks, so make sure to have an appropriate flea and tick solution for your pup!

Check out your outdoor plants. Some outdoor plants are toxic to dogs. Research the plants you have in your yard to be sure your dog stays safe!

Have a safe space for your pup to roam while you’re away.Leave the house worry-free with a pen that allows your dog plenty of room to enjoy the spring air, without risk of getting into anything they shouldn’t or slipping through a fence. The Pet Gazebo’s wide variety of sizes are shaded, roomy and secure! Connect multiple Pet Gazebos to maximize your pup’s fun space. Visit our homepage to find the perfect size of Pet Gazebo for your doggo!