Who doesn’t love to see a big, happy smile on their pup’s face?! Well… there may be one exception: stinky dog breath! We love our doggos unconditionally, but bad breath could be a sign that your dog’s dental health could use some help.

Canine dental health is something often overlooked by owners – but it shouldn’t be! February is Pet Dental Health Month, so it’s the perfect opportunity to brush up on tips for keeping your dog’s mouth clean and healthy!

Cleaning at home. While brushing your dog’s teeth may sound like a daunting task, there are plenty of products out there designed to make it easier for you and your pet. Be sure to use a toothbrush and toothpaste made specifically for dogs! If your pup absolutely refuses to have their teeth brushed, dog dental wipes are a good alternative, despite being less thorough.

Dental treats. Dental dog treats are formulated to combat the plaque buildup in your dog’s mouth – and your pup will love them! Remind yourself to give your dog dental treats every so often to keep their mouth in good shape.

Chew toys. Chewing as an activity itself is great for your dog’s dental health! The act of chewing scrapes the plaque off of the surface of the teeth. Your pup can chew on cow ears, bully sticks and other animal chew products, or longer-lasting rubber products!

Professional cleaning. Sometimes, you just have to leave it to the pros! Ask your veterinarian about a dental exam to ensure your dog’s dental health needs are being met and have a professional cleaning. While you’re there, get your vet’s recommendations for at-home dental care for your pup!

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