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All pup parents know that walks are essential for the health and mental stimulation of your dog… but wouldn’t it be nice to switch up the routine? There’s no need to walk the same block in the same direction daily.

January is Walk Your Pet Month, so it only makes sense to share some techniques that will spice up your typical walking routine – making it more fun for the both of you!

Hide & seek (with treats): Let’s face it, dogs LOVE to find random objects on a walk, whether it be a dead bird, piece of trash, or other animal’s … “droppings” (gross, we know). Help your pup fulfill their inner desire to scavenge and find treasures by periodically tossing a small treat in front of you, allowing them to find a “hidden” surprise once you get to it.

Try new paths: If you have the time, try finding a new walking trail near you instead of your regular walk around the block. Your pup will be infatuated with the number of things to sniff! Pro tip – instead of pulling your dog along, pause and allow your dog to truly smell the smells before proceeding on the trail. Your dog will love it!

Change your pace: Although a slow, leisurely stroll can be relaxing, your pup will be thrilled with a good ol’ game of “keep up with my human!” Making U-turns or changing your pace from jogging, to walking, to strolling will have your pup’s attention and make for a stimulating daily exercise for you AND your dog.

Happy walking!