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4th of July Tips + Tricks

While the 4th of July can be a fun holiday for humans, our pets can often experience a lot of anxiety and stress surrounding the loud noises, fireworks, and endless fun happening throughout the day. Because of this, shelters across the US show record-breaking numbers of pets that are rescued and displaced on the 4th and 5th of July specifically. This year, we want to help you be a proactive pet parent and share our top tips and tricks to keeping your dog calm, safe, and at ease this Independence Day!

  • Create a Safe Space: our pets like to feel at home. This year, create a space your dog feels most at home in. From the laundry room, their kennel, or the bathroom, making sure your pet stays in a contained space is crucial to making sure that if spooked, they don’t run away from home or try to escape. Our Pet Gazebo is a great option and offers your pet a contained area with room to roam.


  • Prepare a Boredom Buster: keeping your dog busy while you are out is a great way to distract them from fireworks and loud noises they might hear. Whether you use a puzzle toy, or prep a DIY one at home, engaging your dog’s brain is a great trick to fighting off stress and anxiety!


  • Tire Them Out: leading up to the evening of the 4th of July, take your dog out for a long walk, run, or hike! This way, by the time the party ends and the fireworks start, they are tuckered out and missing the loudness.


How do you help ease your pet during stressful situations? Share your tips and tricks with us in the comments below!