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The Pet Gazebo Goes Where Summer Takes You!

Beach. Woods. Backyard. Soccer field. Where else?!

This summer, take your Pet Gazebo with you wherever the summer weather and adventures take you. This unique modular dog crate is the perfect mobile home for your pup for every adventure you’re planning. Not quite sure how a Pet Gazebo would fit into your plans? Let us help…

Not only is the Pet Gazebo a safe, functional and spacious crate for your dog in the great outdoors, you can simply assemble and disassemble your Gazebo in just minutes with no tools needed. So, whether you’re camping in the woods, at the beach, the soccer field, or your friend’s backyard, the Pet Gazebo is your solution to keeping your pup in on the fun.  

  • CAMPING: Heading out to the woods this summer? Grab the Gazebo and pitch your pup’s tent right next to yours. Perfect for when you need to leave your pup at the campsite for a bit, the Pet Gazebo offers your dog a SAFE and locked space. Able to be assembled and disassembled in just minutes, grab the kids and put them in charge of setting of Fido’s spot!
  • BACKYARD BBQ: Having guests over this summer or attending a BBQ at your friend’s house? Insert: The Pet Gazebo. Perfect to keep the dogs contained while your BBQing, or for taking to a friend’s house who might appreciate the boundaries of not having your dog roaming. The Pet Gazebo was designed to take your pup EVERYWHERE. So, we encourage it! Grab one of our Tote Bags, throw your Gazebo in the trunk, and your dog has a space to call their own wherever the road takes you.
  • BEACH + LAKE DAYS: Head out to the water with Fido in tow! Set up for the day and don’t worry about leaving your pup behind, or not having a space to contain them if needed. With your Pet Gazebo, you can offer your pup some shade using our Pet Gazebo Sun Shade to help them beat the heat and give them their own space when they are tuckered out from a long day of swimming, fetching and running!