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Summer is HERE! 3 Tips to Keep Fido Safe this Season

Everyone’s favorite season is finally here! And we know…maybe not everyone’s favorite, but probably your pups! However, with the change of seasons come different hazards to look for when out (and even in our homes!) with our dogs. From plants, fleas, ticks, bees, water safety, and more, keeping safety a top priority this Summer will make for more memories for you and your pup! Check out our top 3 tips below:

  1. Look Out for the Heat: Not known to many, but many dogs can suffer from heatstroke without their owners even knowing it. By taking proactive measures to keep your pup cool throughout the day, you can help maintain their healthy internal temperature. Things to consider in the Summer month also include: not going for long walks/runs at the peak heat of the day, if your dog is going to be outdoors for extended periods of time, consider a cooling jacket, or excess shade with accessories from The Pet Gazebo. And of course, never leave your dog in the car during warm and hot months. Lastly, wherever you are, make sure that your dog always have plenty of access to water!
  2. Fleas + Ticks: Be prepared no matter where life takes you! Whether you choose a vet-prescribed medication, or opt for an all-natural alternative, making sure that your dog has consistent protection during peak flea and tick months is crucial. Additionally, bugs like mosquitoes and bees can also carry diseases during the summer, so making sure to stay on top of fecal parasite testing with your vet is the best way to make sure your dog’s health is in tip-top shape!
  3. Toxic Chemicals + Plants: You might not know the harmful plants and chemicals you are using in your house are toxic to your dog. From house plants, to your yard, and even how you treat your yard, making sure to plant bushes and flowers that are safe for your dog, while also treating them with all-natural alternatives to traditional pest care, are both great ways to make sure their allergies are protected. For more information on what products to use and plants to plant, visit here.

How else do you make sure Fido has the best Summer yet?! Share your tips and tricks with us below! Happy Summer!