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5 Tips to Creating a Pet-Friendly Backyard Oasis!

With Spring right around the corner and BBQs calling your name, your pup and family time is headed to the outdoors! Or, even just your back patio! Here are 5 great tips for creating the outdoor space you, your family and your dog have always dreamed of!
1. Consider safety: When creating the ultimate backyard play ground for your pup keep in mind your dog does best with boundaries! Having your yard fully fenced or having a fenced in dog run are great option in keeping your dog safe within his boundaries! There are many fun alternatives to a typical chain link fence, try modern fencing that matches your landscaping or even a Pet Gazebo to spice up the look of your yard! 

2. Water, Water, Water: Your dog should always have an ample amount of fresh water, especially outdoors! Instead of just having a water bowl in your backyard add a fun water feature that your dog will enjoy as much as you will! A fresh flowing water fountain or small pond will keep your pup cool and will look cool in your backyard! 

3. Don’t Forget Some Shade:This is another important factor that can’t be missed because dogs can get sunburned and suffer from heatstroke. Try adding a large tree to your yard for a great shady spot for your dog. Another great alternative is hanging tarps and shade clothes. And of course, the Pet Gazebo is another way to spice up the look of your backyard!

4. Keep Your Landscaping Toxin Free: Remember not all plants are safe for dogs, always check a list on the ASPCA website or at your local vet to see which plants are safe and which plants could be fatal for your furry friend! While grooming your lawn and dealing with pest control make sure to check the label and try and use all-natural products.

5. Have a Backyard that is Play Friendly: We all know a tired dog is a good dog. Exercise is key when ensuring positive behavior. Make sure your backyard has ample space to run and chase, the larger the space the better to tier out your Fido. Another way to help make your backyard dog friendly is to add different paths dogs love prowling and exploring.

Thank you for helping create some fun and practical tips to turn your backyard into a dog oasis! Happy Spring!